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Celebrate the season with the Advent Storybook by Laura Richie. This wonderful collection of 25 Bible stories makes for a delightful new family tradition that parents and children will both enjoy.

Featuring rich illustrations by Ian Dale and thoughtful retellings of ancient stories that recount God’s recurring, faithful promise to rescue us. Parents and children alike will delight in the biblical messages of joy, hope, and peace every day as they look forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Written for children ages 4-8, the book includes a story for each day of December leading up to Christmas—a perfect reminder of God’s rescue and redemption in preparation for the celebration of Christ’s first coming.


The Advent Storybook is published by David C Cook
in association with Chasing Hope Press.

Available in 64-page hardcover
and ebook format.

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“If there was ever a time parents needed help communicating the thread of Christ’s coming through the Bible, it is now. Not only will your children have a biblical account of Christmas, but you might just learn a thing or two as well. Extra bonus? The illustrations are simply beautiful!”

Kelly King, Women’s Ministry Specialist
LifeWay Church Resources

“Like many, I love Christmas. But I love the true Christmas. The truth of the birth of Christ and the reason for His birth. Laura Richie has demonstrated this truth in her book The Advent Storybook… This is a book you will want to read every Christmas season. Your children and grandchildren will pass Laura Richie’s project on to their future families.”

Dr. Ted Kersh, President/Bible Teacher
Equipped By His Word

Keeping Scripture fresh in the minds and hearts of my children is a top priority for my wife and me. God’s Word has power to go deep in their souls and Bible stories are the hook that keeps these truths at the forefront of their memories. That’s why I love what Laurie Richie and Ian Dale have created. Poignant Scriptures, pivotal Bible stories and intriguing illustrations all wrapped up in 25 days of reading makes this book a keeper and the best gift idea of the year.

C.H. Dyer, CEO
Bright Hope


“The stories are excellent—spot on for the intended audience but will be enjoyed by all ages, and they are excellently illustrated, as well.”

Jim Griffin, Vice President
Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International

“What an incredible resource for anyone who has or works with children! This is an excellent tool to share WHO Jesus is and the reason WHY He came to earth. I love the clear picture of the Gospel this presents and the HOPE this story brings to us all.”

Valerie Sherrer, Founder
Novo Ministries

“Laura Richie has given us a special gift this Christmas season to share with our families. Her collection of Old Testament vignettes guides us on a journey to discovering God’s unfailing plan for His children. Richie’s creative recounting of the popular stories culminate in an insightful question to spark deeper conversations with our children. This storybook is a must have this Advent season for every family.”

Norm Duncan, Pastor
True Life Church


“The Advent Storybook is a beautiful way for families to spend the season of Advent looking at the whole bible with Jesus at the center. I love the Advent Storybook because it helps us to spend the season of Advent longing and feeling our need for Jesus. Both adults and children will be stirred to come and adore Him.”

Sean Evans, Pastor
Frontline Church South

“Every home should have a copy of The Advent Storybook! In the midst of the busy Christmas season, the true meaning of our celebration can slip by unnoticed. Author Laura Richie beautifully engages all ages as she paints the picture of our need for a rescuer. Your children will eagerly anticipate these daily stories. I know The Advent Storybook will become a Christmas tradition for your family.”

Laura Shook, Co-Founding Pastor
Community of Faith

About the Creators

The Author: Laura Richie

Laura Richie is a wife, homeschooling mom to three, and a registered nurse. Formerly a missionary kid, Laura didn’t truly understand her need to be rescued until later in life. For years, she had tried very hard to be “good enough.” When she finally realized that Jesus came because she could never be good enough on her own, her striving ceased and her dancing began! Now she delights in sharing the beauty and grace of her Rescuer. Laura and her family reside in Oklahoma. After writing The Advent Storybook for her own children, Laura felt called to publish the book and share the story of God’s rescue with families across the world.

Laura blogs at

The Illustrator: Ian Dale

Ian is an illustrator and designer for children’s media. As an art student he came to faith in the promised rescuer, and his world was turned upside down! Ian loves to invest himself in projects that share the hope and meaning that have transformed his own life. He has created biblically-oriented illustrations for clients such as World Vision, The American Bible Society, Compassion International, Deep Blue Kids, and OneHope. Ian was an artist for The Bible App for Kids, an interactive storybook app downloaded millions of times in over 30 languages. He and his wife live in Los Angeles with their young daughter.

See more of Ian’s work at

Creation of The Advent Storybook was made possible thanks to 120 generous supporters on Kickstarter.

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